We believe in transforming society using innovation as a core pillar in creating awareness.

Creating novel methods of combining art and technology for mass awareness has enabled us to evolve our campaign into smart solutions reaching every section of the public. Know more about how we use innovative mediums like gaming, murals, public art and comic to create a highly immersive
and empathic experience on sex trafficking.

Stencil Project

The stencil is a powerful means for engaging the public and providing ownership in the campaign to end demand. Each person who creates a stencil becomes a spokesperson for the Missing Link Trust, making it an inclusive and open

The silhouette of a young girl symbolizes a black hole into which millions of girls disappear from the face of the earth. She is a constant reminder and a remembrance of the millions of girls who have been lost. This stencil artwork also shares important information that the number 1098 is the pan-India Childline helpline for children gone missing.

Daily Impressions

Mural Walk

The Missing mural walk is a multi-city art project. This initiative aims to start a dialogue with urban India about the dark world of trafficking (the public is the biggest stakeholder in this issue).

Each city has its own set of murals and chatbot narrative. The murals invite viewers to talk to the artwork via a facebook chatbot. The project builds hard-hitting narratives on the current conversation around sexual violence due to structural and normative gender inequalities in the social fabric.

Start your conversation on sex trafficking. Log in to the Messenger app to experience
‘MISSING’ Mural Walk.

Pari just cut her hair, does she look happy?


Pari actually looks pretty angry, why do you think so?

I don't know

Pari is angry because of Varun “bhaiya”

Who is Varun bhaiya?

Varun was the bhaiya who spent most of his day at the street corner. She had seen Varun stare at other girls and try to touch them. Today Barun attempted to grope Pari.

When Pari reacted do you know what he said?

What did he say?

Hahahaha! Boys will be boys

Game for a Cause

The award winning MISSING Game For A Cause is a role-playing game designed to put players in the decision-making seat to experience what a ‘missing girl’ goes through when she is trafficked into the cruel world of prostitution; a world into which millions of girls are lost every year. It is a first of its kind in leveraging technology in a unique way to bring about long-lasting social change. Available for free on iOS and Android in 12 vernacular languages and 6 international languages, the game has a potential reach of every corner of India and millions in all parts of the world, where other traditional means of awareness generation cannot penetrate with ease.

1 million+ organic downloads
12 languages
70+ countries
Winner of Nasscom Indie Game of the Year

Look out for the ‘Coming Soon’ section to know more about our new ways to engage with the public this year!

Social gaming is critical to build empathy. When you play a game, even a social game, you talk about it. It makes the subject enter mainstream conversation. To step into the shoes of Champa, the victim is so critical to make a player experience what a sex trafficking victim goes through.

Coming Soon

At Missing, we are constantly using technology and working to create better digital, innovative tools to sensitize everyone against the dark hole of sex trafficking. Follow this section to know more about our upcoming initiatives that will take us a step further in engaging with you to create the much needed awareness.

Missing – The Complete Saga

The overwhelming response and support received by the MISSING Game for a Cause led us to create an even more detailed and immersive gaming experience in MISSING: The Complete Saga. We held a crowdfunding kickstarter campaign that raised over 50,000 USD. The new game will have greater complexity in characters, storylines, locations and challenges; all coming together to create a heart wrenching experience that opens the players eyes to the stark reality of countless young girls today.

Web of Lies – Interactive Digital Comic

The Missing Campaign & Internal Justice Mission collaborated to build an interactive and engaging educational experience using a visual narrative and digital tools to sensitize police officers, prosecutors and judges on cases related to sex trafficking in India. This project will help address the biggest pain points in sex trafficking cases from the viewpoint of the various stakeholders and provide holistic information to each of them to act as required in important situations. This 3 layer solution combines visual, interactive and behavioural options that ensure the experience is complete with learning feedback and impact assessment.

3. Missing School Book Comics

MISSING is working on publishing comic book strips with publishers of notebooks to reach students across the country in their regional languages. These backpage comics are the perfect way to capture the attention of the most vulnerable section of population and target awareness directly where it is most needed.